A hair transplant or a ‘scalp lift’ is a surgical procedure performed on the scalp to replace the hair lost due to Androgenic Alopecia or genetic male or female pattern hair loss. 

The procedure relies on the fact that there is healthy permanent hair on the scalp that is not susceptible to hair loss. This permanent hair is selected randomly and replaces the hair follicles which have fallen out. 

This hair, when relocated, becomes permanent, growing naturally in the affected hair loss areas.

Here at Hair Loss Solutions, we have closely followed the significant advancements in hair restoration surgery over the last 25 years. Older procedures - which were often invasive and expensive - have now been replaced by refined, cost-effective and exciting surgical techniques. 

Here at Hair Loss Solutions, we currently offer the following hair transplant options: 

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is an advanced and intricate surgical procedure to restore hair loss. 

The procedure involves the extraction of healthy hair from a permanent donor site on the scalp, where the hairs are genetically programmed to continue growing for life. The surgeon then transplants the healthy hair into the areas of the scalp which need restoration. 

The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure does not leave a linear scar.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

The FUT procedure is more suited to patients with a poor or reduced donor area. 

FUT is a targeted procedure which aims to extract more hair roots, per follicle graft, than FUE. 

Unlike FUE, FUT surgery can result in a small linear scar.  

Scalp Lift

A Scalp Lift, also known as scalp reduction, is a surgical hair restoration operation that removes areas of the scalp affected by alopecia. 

During the procedure, the permanent hair-bearing areas of the scalp are stretched up to the crown, eliminating the balding areas. Following the completion of the Scalp Lift procedure, the balding areas will eventually feature permanent hair.


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