Hair Systems are designed to create a natural and undetectable result that allows the client to experience full and unrestricted quality of life with a full head of hair.

The application of a hair system is a bespoke procedure involving the manufacture of thin, transparent, skin like membrane.

During the initial 30-minute consultation, we discuss the preferred hair colour, density, and texture, considering every detail. We also take an outline template of the head and a small hair sample to achieve the closest possible match for the new hair system.

During the production process, the new hairs are injected into the membrane, which is then applied to the scalp using a completely safe, medical grade adherent. Once the hair system is in place, one of our trained barbers is on hand to cut, blend and style the new hair system, ensuring the system is undetectable and creating the impression of a full head of natural hair.

Going forward, clients return to our clinic for a 60-90 minute follow up consultation, every three to four weeks. During the appointment, the hair system is reapplied, cut, and restyled – just like a routine visit to the hair salon!


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